Hey guys! It’s an immense pleasure for me to deliver such material that attracts the viewer’s eye and heart both. Here is an outstanding makeup tutorial by me today.

  • Take an eye makeup brush and blend a butter shade over whole of your eyelid so that it is even all over.
  • Now dip your brush in water so that it is soaked properly and gets moistens, tap it in the dark night deep blue color ¬†and evenly spread it at the corners of your eyes(Note that: sharp eyes do apply this edge shade in round form and big eyes spread it above and pointed shaped; otherwise yours choice) .
  • Now again moisten the brush and tap it in the shimmery ocean blue color and start tapping it between your lid to the pointed area towards your nose making a shape of an egg.
  • Evenly spread this color and blend it in the dark night deep blue color properly so that it gives a natural merged look.
  • When completed, put silver color pencil inside of your lower lid and corner besides where your nose starts.
  • Have a happy and glamorous look.


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