Hi guys! Though travelling is the aim and hobby of 99% of us, most of us get attracted to the areas of greenery , mountains, snow or water. Here comes my trip to Bhutan, which is known as Kingdom of Bhutan. This beautiful place is present in South Asia; East of Himalayan range, bordered by China on the north where as India in the east, west and south. When I got there weather was normal with mild sunlight and fresh air around and about.

One thing I loved in Bhutan was its capital’s Thimphu’ momos; small dump pockets with ground beef or chicken with cabbage. Really made my day, I also tasted cheesy flavor also.

Beautiful places I visited in Bhutan:

  1. Dechencholing palace in Thimphu
  2. Choekhor valley in Bumthang
  3. Sankosh river
  4. Mangde river
  5. Black mountains
  6. Watchtower of Trongsa museum 

    Specialities of Bhutan:

    1. Momos
    2. Gee’s Golden Monkey
    3. Tshechus festival ( religious festival of 10th of lunar calender.


  7. I loved my trip throughout. Mountain trekking was awesome.